MicroTrak APRS Trackers

The MicroTrak tracker line combines the TinyTrak controller with a GPS and built in transmitter. They are available in portable, car, and high altitude balloon versions, and are available pre-configured with your amateur radio callsign.

MicroTrak RTG

The MicroTrak RTG is the easiest way to add APRS tracking to a vehicle. The combo includes everything needed to transmit your location. Just plug into 12V and it is Ready To Go.

MicroTrak AIO

The MicroTrak AIO is a self contained portable APRS tracker. It runs for a week on a set of batteries sending a position report every 2 minutes.


The MTT4BT combines a TinyTrak4 controller with an 8 watt 2-meter transceiver to create a vehicle tracker, digipeater, APRS KISS TNC radio, and weather station transmitter. Includes a bluetooth serial interface.

MicroTrak 1000

The MicroTrak 1000 is a 1-watt APRS transmitter, including a frequency agile 2-meter radio, and TinyTrak3 controller chip. It was designed specifically for high altitude balloon (HAB) tracking, and is offered as a HAB combo which inlcudes the MT-1000, our GPS5HAOEM high altitude GPS module, and the V6 dipole antenna. The combo comes pre-configured with your callsign, so it is ready to fly. After ordering, please use the order notes or an email to send us your callsign and any other custom operating parameters. Users can easily update all settings by downloading the configuration program and using a USB-2.5 or DB9-2.5 cable. Note that the case was previously beige or bright orange and is now black.

DownloadMT-1000 User Manual - v0.9
DownloadTinyTrak3 Configuration Software - Windows programing software. Version 1.4.6

Add To CartMT-1000 HA Combo - $249
Includes MT-1000 with GPS5HAOEM GPS installed and V6 dipole antenna. Optional configuration cable not included.

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MicroTrak 2001

The MicroTrak 2001 (MT-2001) is a frequency agile, 2-meter, 2-Watt, programmable miniature APRS transmitter utilizing a TinyTrak3 controller chip. Just plug in a GPS receiver, such as the Byonics GPS5 Module, add a SMA antenna and power, and start tracking! No need to tie up an expensive radio for APRS tracking. Requires a USB-2.5 cable to configure.

DownloadMT-2001 User Manual - v0.3
DownloadTinyTrak3 Configuration Software - Windows programing software. Version 1.4.6

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These products operate on amateur radio frequencies, and require a valid amateur radio license to use. Products that are transmitters only may occasionally send very short packets coincidentally with other transmitters.

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