APRS Products

APRS is a popular method of geo-tracking over amateur radio. By combining a GPS, 2-meter transmitter and controller, stations can send their locations, and be tracked live with just a web browser.

TinyTrak APRS Controllers

The TinyTrak3Plus and TinyTrak4 are APRS controllers which can be connected between a GPS and any 2-meter radio to transmit a location to the APRS network.

MicroTrak APRS Trackers

The MicroTrak tracker line combines the TinyTrak controller with a GPS and built in transmitter. They are available in portable, car, and high altitude balloon versions, and are pre-configured with your amateur radio callsign.

GPS Receivers

Our serial GPS receivers included with products above are also available for individual purchase. We have outdoor-safe versions, modules and cables to connect these to radios and computers.

Transmitter Hunting Products

Transmitter Hunting, or Foxhunting, is a popular way to combine outdoor activity with the amateur radio hobby. The "Fox" hides a hidden transmitter, and the hunters use direction finding techniques to locate it.

MicroFox Transmitters

The MicroFox line of hidden transmitters are small, self contained 2-meter transmitters designed for walking foxhunts.

PicCon Foxhunt Controller

The PicCon controller can be connected to any amateur radio to create a hidden transmitter. It is programmable and remote controllable via DTMF tones, and great for longer range hunts.

Foxhunt Attenuators

Foxhunt attenuators can be used to help find a nearby hidden transmitter in the last few hundred feet by lowering the received signal strength to a level that is discernable.

Accessories and More

Cables & Antennas

We have interface cables to connect to most all popular amateur radios and power supplies as well and serial cables for computer connections, plus antennas for our MicroTrak and MicroFox products.

HT & Antenna Stands

Desktop stands to hold common HTs and antennas.

DTMF Remote

The DTMF Remote is a miniature DTMF decoder intended for remote control applications. It includes a VHF transceiver and password controlled access to seven digital output lines.